Instructions for Coffee Explorer Box

Welcome to Café Joyeux's Coffee Explorer Box! Prepare for an adventurous journey as you delve into the rich world of our finest coffee selections. With 12 coffee samples, get ready to embark on a delightful exploration of unique and exotic flavours curated for the true coffee enthusiast!

Start your mornings with the excitement of discovering new coffee profiles or savour the moment with a heartwarming cup of joy anytime during the day. This is a celebration of the diverse aromas, bold tastes, and the spirit of exploration in every sip!


Step 1 - Open the drip bag by tearing the top. 

Step 2- Carefully open the side handles and place over desired mug.

Step 3 - Start by slowly pouring boiling water into the drip bag. Use circular motion to fill it up to about 85% of its capacity and pause for the water to settle. Continue pouring until you achieve the desired coffee strength or reach the desired amount.

Step 4 - Dispose of used drip bags responsibly. The pouches are crafted from paper, making them compostable, along with the used coffee grinds and the handles are recyclable!

Take a step into the world of coffee discovery, as you unwrap twelve carefully selected and flawlessly brewed coffees. Each cup is a passport to different coffee regions and blends, ready to transport you to the far reaches of the coffee universe within minutes!