Instructions for the 12 Days of Christmas Coffee Box

Welcome to Café Joyeux's 12 Days of Christmas! Get ready for delightful moments over the next 12 days as you explore or rediscover the magic of your favorite Café Joyeux coffees.

Begin your mornings on a joyful note or indulge in a heartwarming cup of joy throughout the day. It's a celebration of warmth, flavour, and the festive spirit in every sip!


Step 1 - Open the drip bag by tearing the top. 
 Step 2- Carefully open the side handles and place over desired mug.
Step 3 - Start by slowly pouring boiling water into the drip bag. Use circular motion to fill it up to about 85% of its capacity and pause for the water to settle. Continue pouring until you achieve the desired coffee strength or reach the desired amount.

Step 4 - Dispose of used drip bags responsibly. The pouches are crafted from paper, making them compostable, along with the used coffee grinds and the handles are recyclable!


Embark on the journey into December with twelve days of delightful and comforting coffee, flawlessly brewed and ready to enjoy within minutes!